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Special Madden 19 College Football MUT Card is Available Now
  • The College Football Playoffs (CFP) had been held last weekend and four teams competed for the National Championship Game. Within this year's Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, the Clemson Tigers beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish by 30-3.

    Inside the Capital One Bowl, the number one Alabama Crimson Tide beat Oklahoma Sooners having a score of 45-34. That implies that Clemson and Alabama will compete for the National Championship once once more.

    Moreover, it means that Madden 19 dropped four exclusive MUT player cards. One is for each and every playoff team. As talked about above, Adrian Peterson, now a member from the Washington Redskins, represents the Sooners. Players can add him to their Madden Ultimate Group if they take place to grab his card inside a package.

    As pointed out above, the "AP" is joined by Alabama alumni Kareem Jackson, former Clemson star Grady Jarrett and former Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate III. Each of these four players functions 95 overall ratings on their brand new MUT cards offered in packs.

    These New Year's College players' Madden Ultimate Group cards are only offered in packs at 10 am Eastern Time on January 2. This offers some days in to the new year to add these star players to your elite roster of talents.

    In the identical time, you'll find a good deal of players wanting to acquire Madden coins a return for college football video game. The NCAA title obtainable is NCAA Football 14, which went public in July of 2013. It truly is nevertheless a favorite of fans.

    There has not been a game given that as a result of licensing concerns amongst EA and NCAA, using the SEC, Massive Ten and Pac-12 all deciding to not authorize trademarks to EA. Interestingly, many people continue to take part in the NCAA Football 14 game, and there have already been "unofficial updates" to bring the current college rosters into the game. Some avid gamers will undoubtedly add a few of the leading college stars to their Madden 19 rosters.

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