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Certainly one of World of Warcraft's most likable characters, a knife, returns
  • Fans of World of Warcraft have a lot to discuss at this time: The game introduced a bunch of new revelations and kickstarted a revolution with patch 8.1, Tides of Vengeance. Soon, players will enter the Zandalari capital for the expansion's second raid to continue the faction war in Dazar'alor.

    With all of these events going on, you'd believe that Sylvanas Windrunner, Warchief of the Horde, or Princess Talanji would be the concentrate of most fans' excitement and praise at the moment. As an alternative, fans are tremendously hyped for the return of...a knife.

    That could possibly sound underwhelming, but this knife is no mere dining instrument - she is Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire, and her return kicks off some serious Old Gods developments. Let's run by way of what that signifies for the upcoming story of Battle for Azeroth, and why Xal'atath is stealing the show.

    In Legion, World of Warcraft players got wow gold access to powerful artifact weapons that were tailored to their class and specialization. Several of these weapons had history and were a part of Warcraft lore; paladins got to wield the mighty Ashbringer right after over a decade of hype, druids claimed the Scythe of Elune, and so on. Other weapons, out of necessity, had to be invented. One of them was Xal'atath, Blade with the Black Empire.

    Xal'atath is naturally exceptionally undesirable news. The weapon's flavor text reads, "Xal'atath includes a mind of its personal. Ignore its maddening whispers. Don't trust the lies it spins. Take from it what you will need, but constantly don't forget that the dark presence in the blade is not your ally." She whispers to you, on the list of couple of artifact weapons who in fact speaks to its wielder. "Every little death helps," she'll croon at you as you clear a mob. She also gave out many genuinely helpful assistance all through the course of Legion, and due to her, the players know extra about the Old Gods than we ever have.

    Xal'atath can also be fairly funny throughout Legion. There are various points during the expansion exactly where she encourages the player to buy wow items complete anything that should get them murdered, and after that cheekily apologizes whenever you come back to life. She razzes on NPCs, and flatters the player. She's a character with character, which can be stunning, contemplating she is literally just a speaking knife.

    Regrettably, at the end of Legion, we had to give up our artifact weapons. Whilst shadow priests could maintain the weapon cosmetically, Xal'atath had nothing at all new to contribute.