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Join the World of Warcraft's Feast of Winter Veil, Earning Gifts
  • This vacation has to World of Warcraft, bringing the "fripperies, fineries and delicious comestibles" of the Feast of Winter Veil for the war-riven realm of Azeroth. The event will final until January 2nd, and it's going to bring the holiday quests to Orgrimmar and Ironforge, specific seasonal gifts, and festive decorations throught the world.

    Players of level 60 or greater may have the opportunity to recover stolen snacks, get Metzen the Reindeer at no cost, and finish the Abominable Greench's reign of terror in the Hillsbrad Foothills inside the cleverly-named quest, "You're a Imply One," and dungeon bosses within the Broken Isles, Northrend, and beyond will drop many different holiday hats.

    According to Wowhead, which has a more detailed guide towards the festivities. Around the morning of December 25th - Christmas Day, players may also collect the gifts of "seasonal, festival-only items" hidden beneath the decorative trees.

    Perhaps 2018 may also be the year in which World of Warcraft's warring factions can come collectively in battlefield fellowship akin for the famed Christmas truce of 1914: the cross-factional chat-enabling Elixir of Tongues, which was implemented within the current update, giving players who drink it the capability to recognize what the other side mentioned - lastly immediately after all these years, a true opportunity to speak it out.

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