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Major Changes in Hope County From Far Cry 5 to Far Cry: New Dawn
  • Despite the fact that the surprise was destroyed by the leak, Ubisoft revealed Far Cry: New Dawn within the 2018 Game Awards. As quite a few fans know, this is a far cry from the previous entries in the long-running series. The setting is post-apocalyptic and occurrs 17 years immediately after the Far Cry 5 event. A fan video from YouTuber Cycu1 highlights two headlines displaying how much Hope County has changed during the 17 years. Some of the differences are extremely discordant.

    You can watch the video on official web site to see a tease of how the apocalypse has changed Far Cry 5's Hope County, Montana.

    A lot more considerable changes are anticipated, including the destruction of roads and the loss of vegetation. On the other hand, due to the super bloom, a true phenomena where wildflowers sprout out of season, locales that had been barren in Far Cry 5 are comparatively overgrown in New Dawn. Cycu1's video comparison on the church locations between the two games would be the most effective example of this overgrowth. This is not merely affected the region around the church. The building itself is covered in vegetation and is almost certainly courtesy on the super bloom.

    Given that Ubisoft has shown so little from the New Dawn, it can be tough to inform when the other big locations from Far Cry 5 will likely be different. While the footage featuring Far Cry 5's Pastor Jerome does tease that Rye and Son Aviation has at least been topic to a adjust in name.

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