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Fallout 76'S New Ultrawide Mode Comes Below Fire From Players
  • Bethesda has irked Pc players using the new 21:9 resolution help in Fallout 76's latest patch.

    This week's Fallout 76 patch saw numerous alterations roll out for the game, like adding ultrawide screen resolution assistance. Nonetheless, players on Reddit have found that the new ultrawide mode appears to become nothing at all extra than a modification to the INI file, meaning that 16:9 aspect ratio has been stretched to meet the wider resolution, as opposed to getting Fallout 76 Caps a true 21:9 show.

    The result is the fact that, although the game appears to render properly in 21:9, the UI does not adjust accordingly, stretching unnaturally.

    Redditor AbheekG took screenshots in the game's ultrawide mode comparing it to unoffical ultrawide mods for both Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, commenting that, "A modder with no access for the supply code did what Bethesda didn't within a complete month!"

    A number of other commentors inside the thread have seasoned the exact same result right after the patch.

    The unofficial workaround to acquire the game to assistance ultrawide resolutions by basically editing a line of code in the INI files has been around considering the fact that launch, so players are not too happy that the official 21:9 resolution help is absolutely nothing extra than a stretched version with the 16:9 display.

    Patch also added quite a few fixes, which includes a bug inside the Feed the Persons occasion quest, which has seen players asking the developer to buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps roll back the fix. The bugged version resulted inside a server-wide reward of Canned Meat Stew irrespective of player participation within the occasion. Since the update, players have taken to Reddit asking Bethesda to "unfix the Feed The Persons occasion."

    Bethesda has mentioned it may drop 1 far more patch before the finish from the year, just before it shifts its concentrate to 2019 updates, which will include things like new content material for the game, as well as "many additional bug fixes, and more changes" depending on player feedback.