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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Will Launch in Summer 2019
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, the third expansion to the well-known Square Enix MMORPG, is set to launch in summer 2019 with new story content, dungeons and raids, plus gunblades plus the Viera in tow.

    Shadowbringers, that will comply with 2015's Heavensward and 2017's Stormblood, was a surprise announcement by Square Enix at the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest, that is happening more than the weekend in Las Vegas. The game's director and producer, Naoki Yoshida, took the stage to reveal facts with the new expansion.

    Shadowbringers will continue the Final Fantasy XIV storyline, with players to take up the FFXIV Gil fight against the evil Garlean Empire. The story content will probably be accompanied by new dungeons and raids, as anticipated from a new expansion. Players may also see the level cap boost from 70 to 80 when Shadowbringers launches.

    Yoshida didn't present precise details around the new character jobs that could be released in Shadowbringers, but he hinted that a single of them may be seen inside the teaser trailer. A character wielding a gunblade, related to what Squall utilised in Final Fantasy VIII, was noticed inside the trailer, plus the unnamed class that can use the part-gun, part-blade weapon will most likely be in the upcoming expansion.

    Final Fantasy XIV fans have long clamored for the addition from the Viera, the race of rabbit those that first appeared in Final Fantasy Techniques Advance and represented by Fran in Final Fantasy XII. Yoshida stated that Shadowbringers will add a new playable race for the MMORPG, and when he didn't name the Viera, he was wearing a Bugs Bunny shirt that provides a strong hint.

    Shadowbringers will also add a new Game + feature to Final Fantasy XIV, which will permit players to relive the game's story so far even though applying their present characters. There will also be a new Trust program similar to Final Fantasy XI that may permit non-player characters to accompany players in dungeons, that will make completing the story mode of Shadowbringers as a solo player probable.

    Final Fantasy XIV is going to be updated to version 5.0 for Shadowbringers, but ahead of that, the game will likely be upgraded to version 4.5. Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda, wearing a blue cape and holding a staff, came out on stage close to the end from the presentation to reveal that the patch will bring the cheap FFXIV Gil Blue Mage class to the MMORPG. Like in earlier entries to the franchise, the Blue Mage will understand capabilities from monsters encountered inside the field.

    Extra particulars on Shadowbringers and update four.five will likely be revealed over the weekend at the Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest.