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Fallout 76 New Patch Promises to Bring Stability Improvements for the Game
  • On Tuesday, Fallout 76 will get cheap FO76 Battle Caps a new patch which promises the improvements of performance and stability for the game, in line with a post from Bethesda on Friday.

    The new patch on December 4th will address the game's bug fixes and a few balancing alterations, in an apparent try to address many of the players' dissatisfaction using the multiplayer game.

    The Bethesda will fix a bug in which players can exceed their "carrying weight", meaning the limit to just how much inventory 1 player can carry, which can be the hope expressed inside a Reddit thread comments from players relating to the patch. Some users speculate that this exploit could result in stability concerns.

    For console players, Bethesda solved the issue of endless loading screens when players log out of their accounts when playing games. For Xbox One customers, fixed a crash caused by sending numerous team invitations to non-friend players just after leaving Vault 76. The game console's updates are about 3GB.

    The Pc updates are significantly smaller sized, with only 36MB. Pc framerates are uncapped once again with this update, but Bethesda pointed out that "reaching extremely higher framerates will no longer lead to movement speed to improve." This dilemma was reportedly resolved within the November 19 patch.

    Also to stability improvements and bug fixes, Bethesda added some added attributes, like AFK functionality (away from keyboard), which disconnects players who are inactive for 10 minutes. The players will acquire a 1 minute countdown warning prior to getting kicked off.

    Lastly, some balance modifications come to Fallout 76 with this update. The knowledge rewarded for defeating high-level enemies has been lowered, and players need to get two to 4 products as a reward for every boss, correcting a problem with Boss loot. In accordance with the patch notes, the number of products will differ depending around the "the creature's difficulty and level."

    Automatic weapons will likely be a lot more strong, and damage improved by about 20% "across the board."

    Hopefully these fixes will make a much more enjoyable encounter for the Fallout 76 players, as Bethesda promised to be extra communicative final week and "work to create a superior bridge involving [players] plus the dev group at BGS."

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