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  • \nFor example, I replaced an LCD panel on an $1800.00 TV and the panel cost the cheap rs gold
    company around $2200.00. The customer had an extended warranty, so it
    was completed, but it would have been cheaper just to replace the TV for
    the customer.How Can i Check My LCD TV panel type?

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    Unless it is listed somewhere online, you basically have to take the
    set apart to get the model/part number from the panel and then Google
    search that to get a datasheet. For instance my Vizio M260MV and the
    identical E260MV both use the Chi Mei Innolux V260H1 LE2 panel, which is
    a 1920x1080 TN type panel with a 6P13S white LED edge light system.

    LCD's also has more pixels on a screen than the plasma. They are
    lighter than plasma's making it easier to move around. Plasma TV's would
    lose half there brightness after about 30,000 hrs of viewing whereas
    the LCD would lose half there brightness after about 60,000 hrs. LCD's
    also have better viewing angle up to 170 degrees and plasma's only go up
    to 160 degrees. An LCD can't be beaten in terms of picture quality and

    Interesting question. Having worked on LCD, DLP and plasma sets, I've
    found that a lot of it depends on several factors. Truth is, they can
    all provide fantastic pictures, but they also vary from model to model.
    Much of it depends on your signal source, and one of the things you need
    to keep in mind, is when you're in a store looking at all the displays,

    the store will have provided the highest quality HDTV signal they can
    afford in their system, and they'll all look great. When you get it
    home though, it's going to be a different story. It depends on whether
    you're taking the signal off air, whether or not you have analog or
    digital satellite or digital cable, how good the signal is from the
    receivers or cable box and whether

    or not it's a HD receiver/cable box. But that's just the beginning.
    Are you using the HDMI (High definition Multimedia Interface)
    connection, RGB cables (quality varies greatly) or the regular RF
    inputs. LCD TV's now have 1080 resolution, so does DLP and Plasma. So
    taking all the other items into consideration, it's really a personal
    choice of appearance,

    Panels are not universal, they must be matched to the controller.
    There is single and dual channel LVDS, 6 bit vs 8 bit, older uses TTL,
    they are resolution specific, and voltage specific (3.3, 5, ad 12
    volts), Etc.

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