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Square Enix Launches FFXI ReFriender for Final Fantasy XI
  • In case you come about to be among the many who once played Final Fantasy XI back within the day, Square Enix is launching some thing new to help you get FFXI Gil back in. The organization has launched a new app called FFXI ReFriender, which is developed to help you reconnect with old players you could have run campaigns with way back when the game very first launched all of the strategy to the slow decline. The enterprise can also be supplying short absolutely free trial periods to have back into the game and play precise content totally free or at a discount price throughout November. It is slightly out-of-the-blue for Square ENix to perform on the game's 16th anniversary, but hey, you can find individuals nevertheless playing the game immediately after all this time.

    Welcome Back Campaign: Starting on November 9, 2018 at 12:00 AM PST by means of November 20 at 12:00 AM PST, all players who have subscribed to PlayOnline/Final Fantasy XI solutions in the past may well play Final Fantasy XI cost-free of charge. Extra particulars, including eligibility needs, are out there right here.

    Discount Campaign: Via Friday, November 30, digital versions of your Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack along with the Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition might be accessible at discounted prices.