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Fortnite's $1M Winter Royale tournament Will probably be Open to Everyone
  • Fortnite's Fall Skirmish has come to an end, and despite the fact that the event began to become robust, it slowed down a little near the end. Thankfully, Epic Games is re-visiting the game's tournament structure, and this time, absolutely everyone has the chance to buy Fortnite Items and participate in the competitors.

    Fortnite's next main tournament series might be the initial time that anybody can compete within the game for money prizes. Currently, developer Epic announced its "Winter Royale" competitors, an open tournament with a $1 million prize pool that will begin later this month. This is an expansion on the tournament feature that Epic launched in October, but it has a crucial addition to win actual money. Prior money tournaments had been restricted to qualified players or other invited players, which include well known streamers.

    Epic stated that the competition will be divided into two phases: the qualifiers plus the finals. The developer explained: "The major performers in every region for NA and EU might be verified, and these players located eligible will be invited to take part in the Winter Royale Finals for their region.Although this tournament will be restricted to NA and EU, we're organizing on holding other region-specific tournaments in further regions inside the close to future."

    The qualifiers will be held from November 24th to 25th, as well as the finals will commence on November 30th in Europe and December 11th in North America. The news is specifically thrilling, for the reason that Epic mentioned that the Winter Royale will serve as a test for next year's Fortnite Globe Cup, which was announced back at E3. With regards to Winter Royale, Epic explained that "this will enable us collect useful learnings to far better prepare for the course of action next year."

    Using a $100 million bonus for prize funds, Epic clearly includes a significant deal for Fortnite eSports. Although points started to be unstable, the developers have steadily improved its competitive gaming offerings Fortnite Items over the course of many tournaments.