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NBA 2K19: Oklahoma City Thunder Player Ratings and Roster
  • The Thunder appear to create a run inside the west having a new-look group after losing Carmelo Anthony. We have all the NBA 2K19 Oklahoma City Thunder player ratings and roster.

    The Thunder had high expectations coming in to last season while rolling out their new significant 3 of Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. Needless to say, factors did not go as planned and Carmelo Anthony is no longer with all the team. They're going to buy mt 2K19 hope a second season of George and Westbrook can produce greater benefits.

    The rock of the Thunder roster, Westbrook has regularly been a star for the team. Averaging 25.4 points last season, at the same time as 10.3 assists, he has outshined just about everybody else offered on this roster. He also has had 10.1 rebounds averaged, which means he can do just about something with no contest.

    Just after a super sturdy star from Westbrook, it really is time to talk concerning the not so great bunch that comes immediately after. Averaging only 6.6 points per game final year, Andre is not one particular to create home about. Adding to his less than mediocre year is only 1.0 assists per game average, at the same time as only 5.1 rebounds. Most effective to assume he’ll be acquiring dragged along behind the Thunder bandwagon.

    The other star from the Thunder Roster, Paul George is noticed as the shadow to Westbrook's light. Always there to compliment him, also as pick up where he can not, Paul George held an impressive 21.2 points average, also as 2.0 steals typical per game, creating him a player that every person is scared of choosing the ball away. Keeping that in mind, also as his 5.7 rebounds averaged per game, 1 cannot discount Paul George for becoming the sole star of your team.

    As we stated, don't have high hopes for any individual outdoors of George and Westbrook. Jerami Grant holds just 8.4 points averaged last season, too as only 3.9 rebounds average per game. The only other number to even take into account from his record will be his .570 eFG%, which does have cause for concern if he is able to set up correctly.

    Though he might not possess the high point score per game as his other teammates, Steven Adams can be a paint monster. Averaging 13.9 points per game, he also features a strong 9.0 typical rebounds per game, with 5.1 of these becoming on offense. Look for him to pick up 2K19 mt slack that George and Westbrook could accidently miss on.