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How World of Warcraft Classic Will Handle Raid Releases
  • During a panel discussion at BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard's Ion Hazzikostas announced that the contecn from the upcoming World of Warcraft: Classic will not be released in the similar time, but will be distributed and divided into a series of stages.

    The first stage will recreate the World of Warcraft version back in March of 2005. This implies that players will probably be allowed to acquire access for the Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair raids. Furthermore, the panel team confirmed that both the bosses Lord Kazak and Azuregos will also be present in the time of its launch.

    The second stage will introduce the Blackwing Lair, Battlegrounds, PvP Rewards, and Zul'Gurub, which recreates the game version of July 2005.

    The third stage will then bring the iconic Ahn'Qiraj occasion, which was viewed as to be the greatest moment in the history on the game, together with Tier 0.5, Silithus content material, as well as the Green Dragons.

    Lastly, the fourth stage will introduce the Naxxramas raid and the Scourge invasion world events.

    Nevertheless, Hazzikostas didn't reveal the precise release date for every single stage. It has been confirmed previously, although, that World of Warcraft Classic is tentatively scheduled to be released sometime during the summer season of 2019. Through the opening of Blizzard 2018 final November, Blizzard also answered many of the most intense concerns fans happen to be asking because the announcement of World of Warcraft Classic.

    Fans are content to know that they don't will need to buy wow items or subscribe twice to obtain access to World of Warcraft Classic, since it will likely be included within the current World of Warcraft subscriptions. Additionally, a playable demo of Warcraft Classic was created offered at Blizzcon 2018 and folks who bought Virtual Tickets for the occasion.

    This demo allowed the players to have a glimpse of each of the modern day updates that will be in featured in World of Warcraft Classic. Players also commence the demo at level 15 so they're able to test some skills to reach level 19. Needless to say, provided that the World of Warcraft Classic continues to be below improvement, Blizzard decided to impose limitations as to what players can access and explore during the demo.

    World of Warcraft Classic is scheduled to be released within the summer time of 2019 for PC. Gamers can buy wow gold on to play World of Warcraft now!