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World of Warcraft Classic Demo Continues Until November 12
  • As an alternative to the previous announcement that the World of Warcraft Classic Demo ends on Nov.8th, now the World of Warcraft team has announced that the Classic demo play time has been extended and players can check it out through Monday, November 12th. Moreover, the game playing time limits have been removed earlier this week. You will have either had to be a BlizzCon participant or to purchase a Virtual Ticket to take portion in.

    As outlined by the earlier coverage:

    What to expect from the World of Warcraft Classic Demo:

    as close to WoW since it existed in 2005-2006 as well as the demo might be "a clear reflection of that"
    outside questing is the focus: Barrens for the Horde and Westfall for the Alliance such as the look for Mankrik's wife
    no dungeons might be integrated
    the only PvP will probably be by means of dueling
    on the web play may have a limited level of log in time ahead of players are removed in the game to let other individuals play, though the restriction could be lifted later. Players is going to be capable to log in and continue after a time
    demo begins with players at level 15

    What is new inside the World of Warcraft Classic Demo:

    modern day code base chat integration
    download and play the demo by way of the launcher
    enhanced support for widescreen
    right-click player reporting
    cheats, bots and other exploitive behavior will be monitored
    32-bit assistance will not be included
    colorblind mode is integrated
    classic icons happen to be added and "heirloom" has been removed from verbiage

    Have you been playing World of Warcraft Classic Demo previously days? Leave us your thoughts and impressions within the comments and welcome to buy wow gold on our site