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LeBron James Is Now Headband LeBron In NBA 2K19
  • You will find some large modifications occurring in Los Angeles proper now. No, the Lakers haven't decided to fire Luke Walton or something like that, however the team did add veteran center Tyson Chandler in recent days. Through the incredibly modest sample size of 1 game, the outcomes happen to be superior, as Chandler created life hell for Karl-Anthony Towns inside the team's 114-110 win more than the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    As for far less critical alterations, the Lakers are acquiring the old LeBron James back. No, he's not abruptly the LeBron that existed for the duration of his physical prime through his initial run in Cleveland or in Miami, but a former staple of James' on-court gear is creating a comeback. That's right: Lord forgive James, but it's time for you to get NBA MT Coins back towards the old LeBron by tossing a headband on.

    In a show of support for the move or something like that, the folks at NBA 2K19 have decided to follow suit and make it so James' character in the game all of a sudden features a piece of clothing on his head to make confident sweat doesn't drip into his eyes.

    Naturally, Headband LeBron should have the identical rating as normal LeBron, for the reason that it really is not like changing the way a player dresses impacts their capability to play basketball. The exceptions, of course, are Bow Wow's character in Like Mike and Carmelo Anthony when he wears a hoodie, for the reason that whilst he's struggled in Houston as a result far, Hoodie Melo may be the finest basketball player to ever live.

    You are able to now acquire NBA 2K19 MT and play as Headband LeBron in NBA2K19!