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Guild Wars 2: Our Guiding Star - 4th Episode on the Living World in Test
  • In the event the previous episode brings a complete new mount into play, expectations for the following episode of Guild Wars 2 (get GW2 Gold now for $9.5) are high. We had been pretty excited about "Unser Leitstern", the fourth episode of the Living World. She leads our heroes in the fight against the crystal kite Kralkatorrik within the Jahai cliffs. Just like the previously visited Kourna domain, Guild Wars 1 veterans' cliffs are familiar terrain: even then, we stopped villains inside the region, knocked monsters, and completed missions. Nostalgia is certainly here: the monument to the 1st defeat of Palawa Joko, the waterfall at the village of Yahtendi and the Hall of Secrets can nevertheless be located where they needs to be.

    Guild Wars 2: Minus + Minus = Crystal Zombies

    Because the defeat of Palawa Joko, a jolt has gone through the desert kingdom of Elona. The undead hordes who previously served the Lich are now without leader. That's why it's up to us to stop the following war. For the awakened, that are now free, nonetheless do not believe inside the sunspears; members of the Order of Shadows usually do not trust Crescent Fans. However, they all require to find out that black and white pondering doesn't help them, mainly because the Crystal Dragon tends to make no distinction amongst the living as well as the dead: as new adversaries you meet awakened awakened within the Jahai cliffs. Former undead minions of Jokos, now in addition corrupted by dragon magic. That sounds awful and also tends to make a terribly terrible faction. But inside the new region, we are not frequently fighting. By means of the heart quests we get the opportunity to study much more regarding the factions of Elona.

    Guild Wars 2: heart quests with heart

    The Living World realms are defined, amongst other issues, as hosting repeatable heart quests that we are able to re-do each day to achieve access to distinctive goods and sources. All the far better is the fact that those in the Jahai cliffs are especially fascinating. So we play gardeners for starving villagers, one more time we come to be golem mechanics for confiscated inquest machines. But our favored activity may be the reconciliation of Elona's factions: As an example, we can show Shadow Shadow agents that some Awakeneds didn't follow Lich Palawa Joko out of spite, but due to the fact they wanted to protect their families as undead. A great quest that may be nevertheless fun after various instances.

    Guild Wars 2: A meta-event since it must be

    As disappointing because the conquest in the Moon Fortress within the prior episode has been, it is so gripping this time: the Shatterer is back. One of many initially globe bosses in the game who would even need to be dead in the canon of history. But Kralkatorrik has now absorbed the energy of numerous dragons and thus has the handle of your dead. As an undead crystal champion, the Crusher is a lot more highly effective, the fight against him demands the cooperation of all players around the map. Adventurers can try on it each and every two hours - with fantastic luck they then capture a crystal fusion that offers your character a crystal skin and is worth plenty of Guild Wars 2 Gold.