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Final Fantasy XIV Neighborhood Get Collectively for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, along with a portion of the Final Fantasy XIV neighborhood got together and had an occasion of sorts recently. Totally unplanned in any official Square Enix capacity, this was a totally community-driven occasion that shows that there's far more to gaming within a community sense than yelling at each and every other normally chat and grouping collectively for loot.

    This specific instance, which the Final Fantasy XIV team opted to highlight and let us buy FFXIV Gil know about by means of a press release, saw the RISE group, a Absolutely free Corporation (the Final Fantasy XIV guild equivalent) get with each other and celebrate. They even had a "photographer" show up and take some awesome group images, which has been a major part of this occasion gaining traction across the higher Final Fantasy XIV neighborhood.

    Here's what went down. Members of RISE got together, and they all place on Pink Lotus gear sets, then as groups they formed the familiar ribbon shape, that has grow to be the widely-known symbol for breast cancer awareness. Then, they employed the cherry confetti item, and lit up the formations for significantly higher effect.

    We've embedded RISE's tweet above, so you are able to see the diverse images, which show how much work the group put into producing it appear nice. Though other publishers have run events in the previous which have led to merchandise and donations, it's neat to see members of a game's community organize an event with out official involvement.

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