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All Saints' Wake Returns to Final Fantasy XIV
  • From now until November 1 players of Final Fantasy XIV will once once more have the ability to take part in the annual All Saints' Wake occasion. FF14 All Saints' Wake will permit players to explore a Haunted Manor and transform into numerous spooky forms.

    Players may also have the ability to earn special things which includes decorations for players' homes. Additionally, items from previous FF14 All Saints’ Wake events is going to be obtainable for obtain cheap FFXIV Gil.

    As portion with the celebration, a special times quest will be accessible. Dubbed The Sinister Soiree it really is described as;

    The Continental Circus has returned to Gridania, the Impresario inviting citizens and adventurers alike to don their guises for FFXIV Gil a frightfully delightful masquerade at the troupe's mansion. But the Adventurers' Guild Investigator suspects that a deeper deception lies beneath…

    FF14 All Saints' Wake

    The Sinister Soiree demands players to be Level 15 and to possess completed the It is Likely Pirates quest.

    At the conclusion of FF14 All Saints' Wake, the Fan Festival Tour starts. The initial event will kick off in Las Vegas on November 16 and will then take place in Europe in February. If you are unable to attend in individual, you can tune in around the Twitch Channel.