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Final Fantasy XIV Cannot Kill Final Fantasy XI, and It really is Under no circumstances Going To
  • As a longtime player of Final Fantasy XI, and active subscriber of each that and Final Fantasy XIV, it really is refreshing to study these comments from Yoshida. It is clear (in case it wasn't currently) that he gets the current state of both of those games, and selfishly, it is superior to hear that I never want to worry about FFXI closing anytime quickly. He mentions inside the full response that you'll find patches on the way, and if you have been following FFXI(cheap FFXI Gil), you realize that the game has consistently received lots of updates, and even new content material over the last handful of years.

    The reason Final Fantasy XI has stayed alive for this extended, despite the existence of Final Fantasy XIV, is mainly because they are so distinct from a single a further, FFXIV isn't capable to cannibalize FFXI's player base. Initially, when FFXIV(FFXIV Gil) and at some point A Realm Reborn released, there was possibly an exodus of players that wanted to just play the newest, and most supported Square Enix MMORPG, but at this point, both populations look stable and separate. While FFXI nonetheless likely attracts some new players keen on playing an old-school style MMORPG, most players are either returning, or never left, and it's primarily due to the last issue that Yoshida described in his answer: Vana'diel is full of memories.

    There is a connection that hardcore Final Fantasy XI players have with Vana'diel which has not been simply replicated in other MMORPGs. especially modern ones. FFXI in its early years - and also still today to a lesser extent - was harsh, unforgiving, and incredibly reliant on group play. Should you didn't possess a Linkshell (study: clan), or weren't willing to perform hard to place groups collectively to achieve items in-game, you have been just about out of luck. In the event you stuck with it for many years even though, you quite likely created lifelong friendships. It was just about unavoidable. Despite the fact that pretty much all of them never play FFXI anymore, I nonetheless keep in touch with a great deal of my old Linkshell members.

    Also, since Final Fantasy XI was such a struggle at occasions, each small victory you had, whether it was finishing a mission, unlocking a new region, or defeating a HNM together with your buddies, felt like such a meaningful accomplishment, and the memory is seared into your brain. Some moments for me that FFXI players reading this will likely certainly appreciate are reaching Ru'Aun Gardens and Lufaise Meadows for the very first time, and fighting over Fafnir/Nidhogg spawns.