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Fortnite Streamer Ninja Suggests Banning Viewers Who Say a particular Phrase
  • Fortnite streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins recommended to his mods in a recent stream that viewers should be banned for saying that the battle royale game is dead. read more

    As is the case with any popular or once thriving game, Fortnite has its share of commentators who claim that the game is dead or dying regardless of Epic Games continually placing out new content material which include the upcoming Season 6 and maintaining players invested. Regardless of whether it's as a consequence of a distaste for Fortnite or maybe a preference for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or other battle royale games like Contact of Duty's Blackout, those commenters who say "Fortnite is dead" occasionally obtain themselves in Ninja's Twitch chat. Probably the most popular Fortnite player around the streaming platform now says that he's tired of seeing these messages in his chat and attributed the comments to "little little ones spreading toxicity."

    "Hey mods, from now on, full-blown ban everyone that says that Fortnite is dead," Ninja mentioned. "I never even know what - little kids spreading toxicity simply because they think it really is the cool issue to perform."

    He then suggested that they could place the chat in emote mode for any even though to limit what was said within the chat. Viewers met his comments with one particular or two far more "Fortnite is dead" phrases in conjunction with some counterpoints saying "Fortnite is wonderful," but it was mainly just a flurry of emotes.

    Ninja went on to say within the full video that the commenters who say those Fortnite Items and apparently aren't getting enjoyable in Fortnite can just quit the game and go watch somebody else when saying that he's nonetheless enjoying it. He also refuted the claims that Fortnite was even struggling in the initial place by citing reports on the game's player numbers.

    "You wish to stop playing Fortnite, man, since you are not possessing fun any longer?" he stated. "Good. Go watch a person else, go play an additional game. Never spread that toxicity as well as your negative opinion in my chat, dude.Result in guess what? I'm enjoying the game. There hasn't been a single day when I haven't enjoyed the game."

    "Literally they hit peak record players in August," he continued. "Morons, man. So frustrating."

    Ninja's got more than sufficient Twitch viewers watching him, so it would not hurt his stream significantly to ban a number of men and women who say that Fortnite is dead, but it's unclear if he was completely really serious about banning Fortnite's naysayers from his stream, or at the least restricting the chat feature.