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Guild Wars 2 players in Belgium can no longer buy gems in the Gem Store
  • Guild Wars 2 may have become the most recent game to fall victim to increased aggressiveness in gambling law enforcement, as players in Belgium can no longer access the game's Gem Store. As explained around the Guild Wars forums and Reddit, players started expertise trouble purchasing gems final week, and Belgium is no longer listed as a billable location.

    Belgium has been at the forefront with the get in touch with for much more stringent regulation of loot boxes in videogames, which its Gambling Commission ruled earlier this year are against the country's regulations. The ruling led Valve to disable CS:GO loot cases in July, when Blizzard did the exact same to Overwatch and Heroes of your Storm in August.

    The Guild Wars 2 Gem Store itself may not appear like a problem, however it facilitates "ecto gambling," an RNG-based form of in-game wagering, which Reddit user Altimos suggests may very well be at the root from the dilemma. The Gem Retailer is not essential for ecto gambling, but it does enable high-volume gambling for players prepared to throw revenue at it.

    "You can buy GW2 Gold gems with genuine cash, convert those gems into gold, then use that gold to ecto gamble until it's all gone/you've develop into rich," they wrote. "Either that or black lion chests."

    Black Lion Chests are loot boxes that drop exclusive things, but because the challenge seems to target the Gem Store as a entire and not the loot boxes themselves, it seems that ArenaNet is taking a much more "big picture" strategy for the problem.

    ArenaNet hasn't yet stated anything about what is going on, so it really is all speculation at this point and I suppose it really is feasible that the store is just broken somehow—broken in an oddly distinct way, in a portion with the world that is not too long ago taken a really dim view around the portion with the game that is not functioning. My expectation is the fact that it's intentional, in other words, and ArenaNet has just completed a seriously poor job of communicating what is going on.

    I've reached out to the corporation for far more facts, and will update if and when I acquire a reply. For now, if you're in Belgium and definitely wish to obtain some GW2 Gold and Guild Wars 2 gems, establishing a VPN ought to do the trick.