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FIFA 19 has almost everything it needs to be the best
  • The game welcomes the Champions League because it waves goodbye to Alex Hunter.

    I've generally tried to enjoy FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer equally, even though you'll find years when a single franchise wins me more than the other - even when it really is by a tiny bit. You'll be able to buy FIFA 19 Coins usually count on the game mechanics of Konami's PES to be a pleasure to play, but EA Sports' benefit with FIFA has been that it owns the official licenses to the largest clubs and players. I never know about you, but I'd rather play with Manchester United than Man Red. This year, the most crucial adjust to FIFA 19 would be the addition on the UEFA Champions League, Europe's premier club competition, which had featured on PES since 2008. EA Sports didn't want the Champions League to create FIFA wonderful, but it was basically the only factor it was missing. And now, in the expense of PES, it really is lastly right here.

    It wasn't lengthy ago that FIFA went by means of one more main transform. In 2016, EA Sports introduced "The Journey", a story mode for FIFA 17 which brought a whole new dynamic to the franchise. For the first time, football (er, soccer) fans could play the narrative of Alex Hunter, a fictional character who you must guide via his skilled profession. With the Champions League at its disposal, it's not surprising that EA Sports is now creating the tournament a significant a part of Hunter's story in FIFA 19. Naturally, you do not get to play within the Champions League ideal away.

    The Journey: Champions, as the story mode's new season is aptly named, picks up exactly where Hunter left off in FIFA 18 -- acquiring a contact from someone who tells him that large things are ahead. Following possessing results in MLS, Hunter (aka you) need to determine no matter whether he wants to play for Atletico Madrid or Bayern Munich but never be concerned simply because you will not be at either group for lengthy. Soon after all, EA Sports produced it quite clear that Hunter's destiny was to play for Actual Madrid. Since it turns out, the particular person who called him at the finish of last season is among the greatest player agents in the world, and she manages to acquire FUT 19 Coins Hunter a last-minute transfer to Genuine Madrid.

    If only Cristiano Ronaldo hadn't left Actual Madrid for Juventus, I'm sure EA Sports would've loved for the narrative to be all about him and Hunter playing with each other. But while True Madrid would be the excellent Champions League tie-in for Hunter, The Journey in FIFA 19 is not solely about him. You could also control the soccer career of his ideal buddy, Danny Williams, and sister, Kim Hunter. Williams is busy wanting to make it in the English Premier League, while Hunter is hoping to make it towards the FIFA Women's Planet Cup together with the US national group.