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Loot boxes to blame for Guild Wars 2 Belgian store crash?
  • Guild Wars 2's in-game currency, Gems, is just not straight gambling so initially it could possibly appear odd that Belgium prohibited their obtain but the challenge goes a little deeper. The identical currency is made use of to buy Black Lion Keys, that are applied to open Black Lion Chests, which are ArenaNet's version of loot boxes, so the explanation for blocking these transactions in Belgium is pretty obvious.

    The gambling doesn't quit there as players can use Gems to buy GW2 Gold Dye Packs and also other boxes that can yield random items, which could also be classified as gambling. Consequently, getting Gems can in some cases be just gambling with additional methods, rather related to how a single would purchase casino chips after which go gamble with them.

    That sentence specifically states "sometimes" since the currency can be used to buy cosmetics, gold and excellent of life upgrades devoid of having to gamble for them. The issue arose when many Belgian players reported inability to buy gems at all, despite the fact that the currency has numerous other uses.

    Although we always take into consideration caution with paid loot boxes a great factor, Belgian players are also denied all other Gem-fueled services for the time being. That said, it really is hugely unlikely that ArenaNet hatched some evil program to discredit the Belgian legal program, however they may have to rework how Guild Wars 2's in-game retailer performs.

    Needless to say, that sort of operate is just not a matter of minutes and could take a whilst until Belgian players are able to purchase GW2 Gold Gems once again, but they will most likely by no means be able to use them to purchase Black Lion Keys or anything associated to unidentified dyes.

    There's currently no word from ArenaNet around the matter, but thinking about that the issue has pretty the following now, they're going to soon must respond officially.