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Path of Exile Gets a brand new Infinite Dungeon Expansion, Delve
  • Grinding Gear Games has announced (and released) the newest expansion for its RPG, Path of Exile. This expansion, Delve, launched on August 31 for PC, with the Xbox One version coming this week. Path of Exile initially launched back in 2013, t0 a great deal of critical acclaim. Content material has steadily released for Path of Exile given that, with its last expansion called The Fall of Oriath releasing in 2017.

    The new expansion, Delve, brings with it a mission of unending depth."Path of Exile: Delve attributes the game's 1st infinite dungeon: the Azurite Mine. The mine is filled with treasures and worthwhile Azurite ore that may be traded in for flares, dynamite and upgrades for your Crawler - a machine capable of piercing the suffocating darkness from the mine," Grinding Gear wrote. "As players discover deeper into the Azurite Mine, the encounters turn out to be tougher, with exotic creatures and challenges which might be additional tough than any that have been skilled in Path of Exile prior to."

    Grinding Gear's co-founder also expressed the developer's excitement over the new additions to Path of Exile. "Delve is really a one of a kind expansion for Path of Exile because it requires player progression far beyond anything we had previously experimented with" mentioned Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games. "We are seriously excited to determine how players react to a few of the surprises that we have buried deep underground in Delve."

    As with all of Path of Exile's expansions, Delve is going to be completely no cost to play and "never Spend to Win," as outlined by Grinding Gear, as "your good results within the game is dependent around the depth of your skill, not your wallet."

    Path of Exile: Delive is available now for Windows PC, and shortly for the Xbox One also. It is possible to check poe currency out on the Path of Exile web-site right here.