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They do towards"press conference"
  • It is E3 time again, when we speculate about what games the big publishers will probably be showing off and simultaneously obsess over escapes while Fortnite Items also expecting that some thing out there hasn't leaked at all and one of these companies has a true surprise up its sleeve. If you are like me, however, your gaming world more or less revolves round Fortnite at the moment. So what can we expect from the world's largest battle royale at the largest show in games?

    Epic Games, as the company which makes the developer-facing Unreal Engine, has always had a huge presence at the Game Developer's Conference, also chose to announce Fortnite's new cinematic manner . E3 is historically not as big, but Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now and hence the company does not actually have an option but to adopt the show. It's doing this in its own way, however.

    So far as we understand, Epic's E3 plans trend far more toward"party" than they do towards"press conference" The programmer is throwing two big events in honour of all things Fortnite, and another significant company is very likely to get some associated news.

    It's fair to say I am'nicely into Fortnite' as I've poured countless hours into it and lost whole weekends running round the map over and over again. Seeing a sport you enjoy played with some of the greatest players in the world on a giant screen weapons within an (almost) brand new $350million arena that typically plays host to LA's soccer team is one thing. But add in the fact that everyone around you has done exactly the exact same thing and we are all here together and you've got the making of something special.image