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NHL 19 competitive rating from drop
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    Removing competitive rating from drop in games would work wonders in
    bringing up the skill level and from my perspective has very little
    negative repercussions. The players that play drop ins now care very
    little about their rating so the negative impacts of
    quitting/trolling/etc (losing CR) don't actually help improve the
    quality of the play. Let me know what you think.. Younger players are
    receiving their opportunity and the team is improving. Injuries are not
    his fault. Stick tap to the Sedin twins who have aided the change with
    their class.

    you were forced to replace an existing NHL team if you wanted to
    include your franchise team in season mode. This is were it would have
    been nice to allow multiple franchise teams enter the league as new
    expansion teams instead. You would think this would have made sense
    given that Columbus and Minnesota had just joined the league a couple
    years earlier. Any attempt to submit more than the maximum number of
    entries using multiple/different Twitter accounts identities or any
    other methods may void that participant's entry. Entries generated by a
    robotic programmed buy HUT 19 Coins script macro or other automated means will be disqualified. All other Alternate Entries will be void.
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