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  • Sales from the game heavily exceeded expectations and the resulting revenue Deadman Autumn Season Gold
    brought the company back from the brink (as evidenced by its share
    price which had fallen to $2 per share and was ultimately brought back
    up to $1. In 1. 99. A friend told Janet about Twitch in 2013, and she
    decided to try. ''It's addicting,'' she says. ''I love it.'' She could
    play games she liked with friends and build a following.

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    February 1975Games Workshop Bringing fantasy worlds to British
    tabletopsAutumn 1978MUD University students create the first
    computerised role playing gameSeptember 1983Manic Miner Quirky bedroom
    creation becomes a home computer classicSeptember 1984Elite
    Revolutionary 3D space adventure sets new standardsJune 1987Barbarian:

    The Ultimate Warrior Video games target an adult marketJune
    1989Populous The first game that lets you play 'god'February
    1991Lemmings Innovative computer puzzle tastes global successSeptember
    1995WipE'out" 3D anti gravity racer helps launch PlayStation
    consoleAugust 1997GoldenEye 007 James Bond turns video games
    cinematicOctober 1997

    Grand Theft Auto A world dominating game series is bornJanuary
    2001Runescape PC games revival as broadband connects gamers
    worldwideJune 2001Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Video game heroine becomes a
    global moviestarApril 2008Moshi Monsters Online children's game
    enthrals millionsNovember 2008LittleBigPlanet Connected consoles allow
    bedroom gamers to createDecember 2008

    Rolando for iPhone Dawn of the mobile games eraSeptember 2013Grand
    Theft Auto V British franchise breaks sales records and new games
    territoryApril 2014Monument Valley Beautiful British mobile game sets
    new standardsSeabeard Government backs a new golden age of
    gamingCreativity, ingenuity and global triumphThe global video games
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