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I can instruct you how to get it done
  • Mesos can be drawn up through sheer dedication. Like every economy, Maplestory does reward those who work difficult. And 'work hard', I suggest play the game non-stop for ungodly hours on the point that the real world and the digital universe turned into one and the same. I had a buddy who created 5 side reports, got them all to par 36 where they would play a one-off pursuit which provided a very valuable scroll, and then transferred that to their principal accounts. But as a ten-year-old who could only play the match on weekends, this really was not a choice to me.

    Another way of earning mesos was using real world money to buy "shock boxes" or "gachapon tickets"--a type of lottery/gambling system that occasionally gave you incredibly rare and precious items. While there was an in-game shop where you could purchase items (mostly cosmetic) using real world cash, perhaps more alluring was the unofficial black Cheap Maplestory Mesos market, where you could purchase mesos straight up. But, compelling my frugal Asian parents to invest actual money on a match was also not an alternative.

    So what then does one casual gamer do to be able to make it in the capitalism-on-crack-what-is-social-welfare wasteland of Maplestory?

    "Here, take this" a friend of mine through the in-game chat, prior to handing me 10 million mesos. Year-Six-me is shook. I inquire how he made his fortune. He explained it was simple--he was hacking the game. Or more correctly, he was "botting", in which you download software which plays with the game for you, allowing the tedious process of levelling up and collecting mesos dropped by monsters to become completely automated and far more efficient. Whatever the case, since it was 2008 and we were edgy primary school children, it was likely worded something like "ima m4d h4xxor u n00b l0l ^_~".

    "It's really straightforward. I can instruct you how to get it done," he informs me. I am shaking with excitement and fear. Excited, since I no longer needed to be worried about MS2 Mesos, and fearful, because I honestly believed I was going to have arrested.image