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The Final Fantasy 14 Companion App and New Story Quests Are Coming Soon Along with Patch 4.3
  • Square Enix announced the specifics of their upcoming Final Fantasy 14 companion app within a current press release, as well as some details on patch 4.3 - Under the Moonlight, that will be released in May this year, and can further explore the Stormblood expansion.

    The upcoming Final Fantasy 14 Online Companion App will allow players to buy FFXIV Gil: chat with their buddies and free of charge company members; use the scheduler to strategy events; organize inventory and armory chest; browse the Market place board; invest in and sell products, and register an additional favored destination, Aetheryte.

    Players is going to be capable to access the base app for free, but for all those who choose to appreciate added advantages, they will sign up for any premium version with a monthly subscription charge. The premium app will include things like a doubled capacity in the saddlebag, employ an further Retainer, as well as the potential to organize saddlebags and Retainer inventories. The official companion app will work on each iOS and Android devices. However, the release date has not yet been announced by Square Enix.

    Regarding Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 4.3 will launch a new dungeon, various quests, a brand new raid, in addition to a new expedition to the Forbidden Land, Eureka Expansion. You may verify out extra facts of the patch within the following press release:

    New Main Situation Quests - The story of Stormblood continues
    New Alliance Raid - The Ridorana Lighthouse
    New Trial
    New Dungeon
    New Beast Tribe Quests
    New Sidequests - The Four Lords, Doman Reconstruction, and Additional Hildibrand Adventures
    New Deep Dungeon - 100-Floor Heaven-on-High
    The Forbidden Land, Eureka Expansion - Pagos Expedition
    New Ultimate Difficulty Raid - Ultima Weapon
    Updates to jobs, PvP, glamour program, housing, performance actions, new much more effective gear and much more

    Patch 4.3, Below The Moonlight is scheduled to go on-line sometime in May well. And also the cost-free trial version of Final Fantasy 14 is still offered, that will enable players to reach level 35 in the game. You can get cheap FFXIV Gil on IGXE.Com and have a attempt.