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EA Is Currently Functioning On A Star Wars Open World Game
  • Electronic Arts (EA) has been under a great deal of scrutiny lately with their pay-to-win loot crate notion for Star Wars Battlefront 2. But that isn't stopping them from furthering the Disney owned franchise as EA is at present working on an open world Star Wars game.

    As outlined by their job listing to buy SWTOR Credits get a Lead Online Engineer at their Vancouver workplace in Canada, they are trying to find someone that may lead a team to deliver "Online features for a Star Wars Open World project." Recently, EA changed the job description to "We are on the lookout for a talented and experienced Lead Online Engineer to join an established, knowledgeable group of developers functioning on a AAA Star Wars title in improvement," to mask the project.

    The rest from the job description does not describe anything connected towards the certain open world Star Wars game. But this indicates that Star Wars fans across the planet will ultimately have a opportunity to dive into a new MMO open planet inside the near future. The final time we've got to experience an MMO Star Wars game was with Star Wars: The Old Republic released back in 2011 using a additional expansion referred to as Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne. buy now

    We will must wait and see what EA decides to accomplish with this upcoming MMO game as there will in all probability be no word for pretty some time. We are going to keep you posted as we attain out for the EA group to find out if they have an answer in regards to this game in improvement.