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Cotton Napkins - How to Make Cloth Napkins
  • 1 of the easiest sewing projects would be to make cotton napkins. With just a number of simple supplies, it is possible to produce this eco-friendly item that not simply is reusable, but sophisticated as well.

    Supplies required:

    1 yard of cotton fabric. 100% cotton is very best, but a cotton blend will work also.
    Thread to match our fabric colour, or coordinate with a single from the colors within your fabric. Contrasting thread is usually made use of to get a additional decorative effect when sewing the edges of one's Organic Napkin Linen.

    Tape measurer
    Tailor chalk or marking pen
    Sewing machine
    Sewing Guidelines:

    Pre-wash and dry your fabric to take away any sizing from the fabric (sizing is actually a finish on fabrics that could dull your needle); and also to pre-shrink your fabric so your stitches won't pucker the initial time you wash your napkins.


    Choose what size and shape you'd like your napkins to be. An eight inch square is usually a good size. Use a tape measurer plus the tailor's chalk or marking pen mark out on our fabric the dimensions you've decided for your napkins.

    Reduce out your napkins. You can fold your fabric in half to reduce two napkins at after, or fold over once more to reduce four napkins at when. Take into account the extra layers of fabric you cut through, the much more probably the fabric is usually to shift and your napkin sizes is not going to all be exactly the same.

    Along with your sewing machine stitch set to zig-zag and also a brief stitch length, use a scrap of your fabric to sew along the edges to test your stitch. Adjust the zig-zag width till it is the way you'd like it. The idea is for the zig-zag to become close with each other to finish the edge on the napkin to prevent fraying.

    Sew along the edge of every single napkin together with your zig-zag stitch.


    It is possible to fold along the edge of your Dinner Napkins Cloth 1/4 inch, and press with an iron. Then fold again a different 1/4 inch so no reduce edges are showing, stitch close towards the folded edge using a straight stitch to create a clean edge for each and every napkin.


    When you have a serger machine, you can also serge along the edges of every napkin to finish the edges.

    That is it! Your napkins are now prepared to work with.