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Spiti Valley: A Calm Pilgrimage Location for Buddhists
  • Spiti Valley- An Overview

    lahual and spiti is endowed with all the rugged but wonderful landscape of barren mountains. The varied natural formations may be noticed at an elevation of 14,009 ft. The river Spiti rushes out of a gorge inside the Kunzam range and flows eastward to meet the Sutlej River at Khab in Kinnaur. Spiti has its sub divisional headquarters at Kaza.

    Spiti Valley has quite a few monasteries, such as Dhankar, Kye, Tabo, Mud, Kungri, Leiden, hiking, Kibber, Giu and Tnagyud to name several.

    Well-known Spiti Monasteries


    Tabo Monastery

    It's just about the most crucial monasteries located within the village Tabo, about 17 km. From Kaza. In recognition Tabo monastery is only subsequent towards the Tholing Gompa in Tibet. The monastery has also been acclaimed as a globe heritage web site by UNESCO. Using the biggest monastic complex, this Gambia is property to about 60 Lamas and possesses a large collection of Scriptures, wall paintings and Murals that happen to be very related to that with the Ajanta paintings.

    Dhankar Monastery

    At an altitude of 3870 m, nestles a significant village Dhankar, which can be the official capital of Spiti. This village is popular for an old fort situated on top rated of a hill plus a monastery known by the name of Lha-O-pa Gompa. The monastery homes about 100 Lamas and is includes a life size statue of Vairochana or Meditating Buddha. The building has relics inside the shape of paintings and sculptures.

    Kye Monastery

    Overlooking Kaza from a height of 4116 m, the Kye monastery is definitely the largest and oldest in the valley. The monastery has stunning sculptures and scriptures of Buddhist teachings as well as aesthetically valued books and murals.

    Kungri Gompa

    Situated inside the Pin valley, it is the second oldest Gompa in the Spiti valley. The Gompa follows the Nyingmapa Buddhism, that is the oldest order of Tibetan Buddhism. On the walls on the Gompa, silk paintings of numerous Buddhist deities may be seen. The monastery also has large statues and it has preserved more than 300 volumes of your sacred Tibetan texts, Kenjur and Tenjur.

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