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What iPhone 6 Must You Buy
  • With the latest Apple iPhones visiting India in under Fourteen days, plenty of buyers may be wondering which iPhone 6 is perfect for them. This can be the first time ever that Apple has launched two separate iPhone models with similar specs. At least together with the iPhone 5S and 5C, one was clearly the higher end model and something was the low end device.

    Using the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you'll find without any internal differences apart from the car battery size along with the camera. So read on for some circumstances to take into account when deciding which iPhone 6 you must spend your cash on.

    The cost difference. Apple has announced that it will launch the iPhone 6 16GB variant in India at a cost of Rs. 53,500, while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will begin at Rs. 62,500. That is a price difference of Rs. 9,000. Looking for the smaller device would mean that you would spend the bucks you save on accessories like Bluetooth headsets or iPhone 6 cases,.


    The dimensions difference. The two new iPhone 6 models are extremely thin, at about the 7mm mark. The iPhone 6 Plus is slightly thicker and not enough for anybody to note. Oahu is the other dimensions which can be wildly different. The iPhone 6 Plus isn't just the biggest iPhone ever though a 5.5" screen it really is among the largest smartphones period. Bordering over a phablet size, the 6 Plus needs two hands in working order and Apple even gave it a one-handed mode that slide the top of the screen down so that you can actually reach it. Think of what your location is going to carry your phone and whether the 6 Plus will fit into both your hands, your pockets or your purse.

    Bendgate. Though many of the stories in the iPhone 6 Plus being bent are media hype, you can still find legitimate stories of users that have ended up with damaged iPhones just from having them of their trouser pockets. The iPhone 6 Plus can be so large and so thin that isn't an unbelievable scenario. True, you can buy and iPhone 6 Plus cover that could provide some extra protection but there would be that worry that you would ruin a computer device that cost more than Rs. 62,000, each time you take a moment.

    The Camera. One of the main selling points of iPhones have invariably been they have what is likely the best smartphone camera ever. If you're one of those who uses the iPhone camera a good deal, you want the iPhone 6 Plus using its optical stabilization features, which the iPhone 6 lacks. Even though both are great cameras, the stabilization takes the iPhone 6 Plus more detailed to be the only camera you will ever need. There's a trade-off though. The camera around the 6 Plus shines in the body in an ugly camera bulge that spoils the sleek back and can make it impossible to place the device down flat. The best way to resolve this can be with the iPhone 6 Plus case that evens out the bump and restores a flat time for the device.

    To learn more about iphone 6 dimensions please visit website: here.