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Final Fantasy XI: The Lost Town of Sel Phiner
  • Exploring unused content material that does not make it into a final game may be my preferred time sink on the internet. More than the years, I've spent many late nights on sites like the Cutting Area Floor and Unseen 64 digging through the discoveries of others. Exploring old game content material, either via old media releases or even data mining the game itself, reveals development stories of what could have already been.

    Looking at pre-beta Final Fantasy XI content material, there are a few main sources. Earliest of all would be the Square Millennium trailer from January 2000, nevertheless it largely characteristics idea art using a vague thought of what a web based Final Fantasy will be. Square place out a PlayOnline promotional ad in America that showed a mock up, however it is clear it was created only to buy FFXI Gil serve the objective of that video.

    It wasn't until July 2001 that the bonus disc titled "Other Side of the Final Fantasy" released with Final Fantasy X. It held the initial appropriate look in the game.

    If you have played Final Fantasy XI for any quantity of time, you probably know the original trailer in the start off of this video. It shows off a largely complete searching Gustaberg region in addition to other regions like Altepa Desert also as possibly Beaucedine Glacier. Nevertheless other visual components, which include the character models and animations, nonetheless look rough. Using the exception of a short glimpse at an Elvaan wearing what looks just like the final game's Leather armor set, pretty much all of the clothes designs portrayed here have been either scrapped or heavily altered.

    Later in the video (about the seven minute mark), amidst each of the drama about a girl trying to date some food truck worker, there's a bit extra in-game content material. Of unique interest is definitely an early town that doesn't resemble any other inside the game. In four seconds, you can find two camera sweeps around the player characters. The footage then moves onto field places.

    There is practically nothing as well complex right here within this tiny hamlet. The ground is uneven having a texture resembling grass spotted with patches of dirt. Each of the buildings seems to reside on raised terrain with identical models. Windmills look as if they surround the city together with thin towers featuring pointed and cut rooftops. There are some cheap FFXI Gil random objects and tents strewn about.