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3 Ways to Shine Shoes
  • 3 Ways to Shine Shoes

    Tins of shoe polish are available in a variety of colors, from browns to blacks to neutrals. Try to get a polish that's as close to the original color as possible.

    Polishes are also available in both wax and cream varieties; cream polishes feed the leather and make it more supple, whereas wax polishes make the shoes more water resistant. If possible, get a tin of each and alternate between the [url=]cheap supreme shirts[/url] two with every second polish.

    Optional extras include a polishing brush (used to apply the polish), a toothbrush or some cotton buds, sole dressing and a leather cleaner and conditioner.

    If you are using an old t shirt or cloth for this step, try to wrap the cloth tightly around your hand and use your index and middle finger to work the polish into the shoe.

    You may also want to shine the section [url=]cheap supreme hats[/url] of the sole between the heel and toe which doesn't touch the ground, as this may be visible as you walk.

    Use a toothbrush or cotton bud to work the polish into [url=]cheap supreme hoodie[/url] hard to reach areas, such as the edges of the upper and the crevices in the vamp.

    Once you have finished polishing the first shoe, set it aside on the newspaper and begin the same process with the second shoe. Allow each shoe to dry for about 15 minutes before moving onto the next step.[2]

    This step is necessary to remove the extra polish, while the heat generated from the quick strokes helps the rest of the polish to sink in.

    While an old t shirt or cloth can be used for most of the steps in the shoe shining process, a proper shine brush is necessary for this particular step, and cannot be replaced by anything else.

    Make sure to use a different brush for each color of polish. Otherwise you run the risk of adding the previous color to the current shoe. Especially when the previous polish is darker than the current.

    You may want to use a clean cotton bud or toothbrush or cotton bud again at this point to remove any extra polish from cracks and crevices.

    In between polishing the shoes, a quick brushing will restore the shine and remove the dust and grime that accumulates when walking.

    If you have many shoes of various colors, you might want to purchase neutral polish instead of investing in so many colors.

    Silicone sponges used continually instead of polishes can build up and cause a haze to develop. Use only on trips or occasionally.

    Use matching liquid shoe polish on the outside and upper soles of the shoes as well as the leather heels.

    Polishes build up on leather (and may cause a haze to develop) so it is best to occasionally use a saddle soap and leather conditioner to clean the leather.

    Shoe polishes contain alcohol. Leather is no different than your skin. If you put alcohol on it, the alcohol will dry it out and continual use will lead to cracking. There is more alcohol in liquid and hard waxes than in cream polishes, so use accordingly.