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Extra High quality of Life Changes Coming to Final Fantasy XIV
  • Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 is set to bring some wonderful new content material to Square Enix's MMO. Titled Rise of a new Sun, new PvP updates and more campaign missions have been announced, as well because the return of Kefka being teased within the most recent trailer (I'm giddy. Is any individual else giddy?).Buy FFXIV Gil online. Obviously, along with all of the significant bullet points, Square Enix is creating a bunch of nitty-gritty modifications under the hood. Whilst we're most likely to have complete facts when the patch notes officially go live, development updates have provided us some ideas as for the kinds of factors they are looking to change.

    Luxpheras in the Neighborhood Team took towards the Final Fantasy XIV blog to provide some FFXIV Gil insight on several of the wonderful high quality of life changes we'll be seeing in Patch 4.2. They detail resizing the speech window, map cursor stickiness, and adjustments to how meals item level is displayed. In addition they briefly speak about some things that Yoshida brought up in current Letter in the Producer live streams. Yoshida has revealed that Chocobo saddlebags might be making an look, and maximum stacks in inventory might be rising from 99 to 999.

    Within the two most current Letter from the Producer Live streams, Yoshida announced some good high quality of life adjustments coming for example the addition of Chocobo Saddlebags, the boost in maximum stack from 99 to 999, the new Duty Recorder feature that can allow replay of battle content material and much more!