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The top girl fight short film
  • Girl on girl is an indie movie which efforts to discover on the subject of love as well as a feeling of duty. The film starts with a woman sporting a distinctive couple of glasses getting into an elevator which goes up. The moment when the mysterious girl pushes the button is actually highlighted because if it endeavors to express this girl’s desire to advance regardless of a number of obstructions like morality, human empathy and other individuals. Then this movie adjustments in to any space in which a woman with red hair is caught contemplating the quiet. Then all of a sudden another girl enters the room and starts a fight with the woman with red curly hair. The battle quickly develops right into a brutal conflict where besides knuckles the girls come to use knives and pistols. The third girl manage to injure the girl with red hair by simply cutting her palm. The fight continues. Now the girls are struggling with each other using swift hits with their knuckles.

    The scene is dominated by a powerful sentiment of hatred. The girl that started the battle initially is thought to possess come to punish the woman with red-colored hair on her betrayal. It is not yet obvious who exactly was subject to betrayal as the girls that started out the fight simply said “you tricked us” with out giving any further specifics. The scene is approaching its finish when the female with red curly hair receives out a handgun and intends to kill the girl who started a fight. The fast movie attempts to colour in vivid hues the gravity of the moment by showing flashbacks of the girl with reddish hair when she was at an identical situation. The flashbacks are of her staying at a gunpoint and when abruptly the person threatening her eliminates the gun from her face and extras her life. Then the red head is observed to mown that she cannot do it.

    This second of emotional strength though is regarded as a weak point by her opponent, who seizes the minute to pin her to the wall and profits to strangle her using the sole of her footwear pressed against the redhead’s throat. The moment is tense and proceeds for several mere seconds once the eyes of the protagonists lock so they the two realize how unworthy their battle was. The experience of responsibility which was driving the attacker to continuously strike the sorry victim abruptly disappears giving place to a superb sentiment of belonging which both protagonists display by hugging each and every other. The war scene ends with a occasion of tenderness.

    The minute of pleasure is short lived even though, when the woman we see in the beginning of the short motion picture makes the girl look and shoots the redhead. Then she proceeds to shoot another girl who is sobbing and holding the particular redhead in her own arms.

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