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To feed our pet Snake Tongs alive instead of pre-killing food

  • There are many people in life, to snake as a job. Snatch
    snake is a more dangerous method, the use of this method must be
    familiar with snakes, snakes have a certain field experience and skills,
    techniques and movements quickly and properly. When spotted the
    position of the snakehead, immediately with the palm of the hand to
    suppress the snake's head, with the other hand lightly snake neck, snake
    bite to the body can not be reflexive. Some also catch the tail of the
    snake, after the mention of the snake tail tame can be.

    When you find a poisonous snake in the wild, you can quietly approach
    it from the back, and then accidentally and accurately with specially
    made wooden fork to snake the snake's neck, fixed wooden fork to prevent
    the poisonous snake ran away, the other hand pinch the serpent's head
    Neck, and put down the wooden fork to hold it in the second half, you
    can capture it, without being bitten.

    The safest way is using Snake Hook. Snake pliers is an ergonomic and
    effective reptile handler that can be used as an extension of any arm.
    These snake pliers are state-of-the-art, light-weight, rugged tools
    designed to keep you and snakes at maximum risk of keeping you under
    pressure. Handle the wire rope and activate the jaws. This gives the
    handler the exact feel of the pressure exerted on the snake or other

    Our professional snake tongs are designed to maximize the safety of
    snakes and handlers. Snake tongs cover almost all sizes so you can
    handle snakes of all sizes and weights. Our snake tongs are trusted and
    used by professionals around the world.

    Many of us think it is a good idea to feed our pet Snake Tongs
    alive instead of pre-killing food. Often, we think this is the
    preferred way of feeding our snake because it is more "natural" and
    that's what snakes like. However, there are several dangers to this
    approach that everyone should remember. Of course, the snake's most
    common food is mouse, so this article will discuss these foods.