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Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys going to continue
  • Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston spoke publicly Thursday for the first time since allegations surfaced two Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys
    weeks ago that he groped a female Uber driver.

    He said he "absolutely" believes he will be vindicated by the NFL's
    investigation and has no fear of a suspension.

    Winston returns to practice, to start vs. Packers
    Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will start on Sunday against the
    Packers. He returned to practice Wednesday, throwing for the first time
    since being shelved for three weeks in order to heal his injured
    throwing shoulder.
    "I have no fear at all, but I have to respect their process," Winston
    said. "I'm just going to respect the process, most importantly. That's
    all I can do."

    Winston previously issued a statement at the time that the allegations
    surfaced in a BuzzFeed report, denying them. He had been dealing with a
    shoulder injury and had not been required to take part in his weekly
    news conferences since he was not playing.

    ESPN confirmed that no police report had been filed in Scottsdale,
    Arizona, the night the cheap jerseys
    alleged incident occurred in March 2016. The driver did file a
    complaint with her employer, however, and Winston's Uber riding
    privileges were revoked.

    The woman stated that Winston was in the passenger seat of the vehicle
    and that he reached over and placed his hand on her crotch while waiting
    in a fast food drive-thru. The restaurant, Los Betos Mexican Food, told
    ESPN that it does not have surveillance set up at its drive-thru.

    Winston believes that Chicago Cubs jerseys
    the driver was mistaken about the number of passengers in the car and
    where Winston was sitting in the vehicle, something former Florida State
    teammate Ronald Darby corroborated in a statement. Darby was also with
    Winston the night an alleged 2012 sexual assault took place at Florida
    State. Uber drivers are not required to keep a log of the number of
    passengers in their vehicle at one time.

    "I put my statement out there discussing this allegation, and I've gotta
    respect the process [of the league investigation]. I've been vindicated
    several times on the past situation," Winston said when he was asked
    why he and Darby found themselves at the center of another
    sexual-assault allegation. "So my statement on those accusations stand
    firm too. As always, it's always a growing process in everything. And
    I'm Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys
    going to continue to grow."

    Asked how multiple allegations have affected his family, he said: "One
    thing about my family is that we're very strong in our faith, and we're
    very strong in believing that nothing in our past can control our

    "Since I got to Tampa Bay and how I've grown the past few years --
    [that's] meant a lot to my family, seeing my development through
    college. I think that's more important than what could be said from any
    outside source."

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