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World of Warcraft: Expansion Rumors and Destiny 2 Are Impacting In-Game Economy
  • Ever since Bungie announced that the PC version of Destiny 2 would be offered exclusively by means of, Blizzard fans have already been speculating about how the new game addition would effect the rest with the service. One possible side impact relates to the WoW economy. World of Warcraft players have the solution to buy tokens for in-game gold which can be redeemed for credit in the app and in lots of regions, the worth of that token has not too long ago shot way up.

    The World of Warcraft community not too long ago noticed the increased value of WoW Tokens around the Auction Residence and numerous players are at the moment arguing and debating the accurate lead to behind the alter. Inside the EU, the cost of one Token not too long ago passed the 300,000 gold mark. Players inside the U.S. haven't seen a jump rather that higher, but the price tag is frequently often a little larger outdoors of that area.

    There are lots of theories concerning the adjust in token value, but two main culprits have risen for the top rated: Destiny 2's PC launch and the WoW expansion rumors.

    If it was the opportunity to purchase Destiny 2 with WoW Tokens that was bringing the price tag up, there's a good opportunity most of that spike would have occurred over the final handful of months. It wasn't a secret that players will be capable to purchase the game with wow items, so the market should've had a likelihood to adjust to that element soon after the original announcement. However, the WoW expansion news is brand new.

    Rumors of a brand new World of Warcraft expansion started to swirl in recent weeks and Blizz has dropped several hints that suggest an official announcement will arrive in the course of this year's BlizzCon occasion. Some gamers may well already be searching ahead a complete year and considering about purchasing the expansion with a gigantic pile of in-game wow gold.

    We'll hold an eye around the WoW Token rates and report back if they fluctuate once again right after the official expansion announcement.

    World of Warcraft is accessible now on PC. Destiny 2 is obtainable now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.